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St Patrick

St Patrick


The Harp is the parish magazine.  It began in 1993 at the suggestion of then parish priest, Fr Jim Maclaren, and has been going strong ever since, thanks to the involvement of many committed parishioners over the years.

The Harp is issued quarterly: Easter, Winter, Spring and Christmas. Notices are published in the parish bulletin six weeks before publication, inviting contributions from parishioners for that edition.

The Harp is a forum for all parishioners to tell stories, express opinions and share some news. In particular, we would encourage the various parish groups and school community to use The Harp as a platform to share their news and stories. Our aim is to increase Parish involvement and hopefully, enjoyment. Over time, The Harp will be a rich reflection of the life of St Patrick’s Summer Hill.




If you have any interesting stories/photos/jokes, please send them using any of the following methods:

  • email to:,
  • fax to: (02) 9799 4641
  • leave at the Presbytery or Parish Office or
  • give to any member of The Harp team (Jean Burns, Anne Marie George, Patricia Singleton, Carol Sutton, Barbara Thompson)

The Harp also features a few regular columns, which parishioners are invited to contribute to:

  1. Vox Pop
  2. Review
  3. Parish Happenings
  4. Parishioner Profile
  5. About My Day Job
  6. The Two of Us
  7. Traveller Tales

Vox Pop (short for the Latin ‘vox populi’ meaning ‘voice of the people’). For example, what do you think about local issues? We would love to hear your thoughts. Each quarter, we post a Vox Pop question in the Bulletin and on our green Vox Pop cards, and invite parishioners to respond.  Responses will be published in that quarter’s issue of The Harp.    Review is the place to share your thoughts about a book or movie or event that has made an impression on you. Parish Happenings features short news items about parishioners, parish events, new arrivals etc.  Parishioner Profile is as the name suggests, a way to get to know a parishioner a little better.  We usually feature new parishioners in this column.  If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else, we’d be happy to guide you in writing it, or can put it together for you.  About My Day Job invites parishioners to share what they do – it’s always an interesting read!  The Two of Us tries to follow the popular model of the Herald’s Good Weekend.  Please feel free to nominate your story or someone else’s!

The Harp team are also available to help with written pieces if needed. If you have an idea for a piece, drop a line to the email address above, and one of the team will help to flesh the story out if needed.

Would you like to join The Harp team?

We welcome anyone with story ideas or who enjoys writing to consider joining the Harp team.  We meet four times a year for about an hour and a half on a weeknight, to plan the content of the upcoming issue.

We’re also looking for any photography buffs who could be called on to take good photos at parish events.  There’s nothing like a good photo or two to liven up a story!