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Sacramental Programme for 2018

Registrations for 2018 have now opened. Please refer to the Sacraments section of our website.

Catechists and helpers needed
Whilst we thank all the dedicated Catechists who give their time each week in teaching scripture to the children at Summer Hill Primary Public School we are still in urgent need of people to join us as Catechists or Helpers.  Classes are held on Thursday mornings starting at 9.15am with Kindergarten and Years 1 & 2.  Each class runs for half an hour and Years 5 & 6 finish at 10.45am.  If there are any University students with free time on Thursday  mornings this is a great opportunity to gain classroom and teaching experience.

To help us in our work, Confraternity of Christian Doctrine provide us with a Teacher’s Manual containing Teacher Guidelines for each lesson, they also run courses throughout the year.

If you are interested in finding out more about the role of a catechist or helper, please speak with Fr Sam after Mass or telephone the Parish office on 9798 6016.

Planned Giving Programme
If you would like to commence contributing to the envelopes please see Fr Sam after Mass or call the Parish Office on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

What happens to the money given at Mass?

First Collection—Pastoral Revenue: A standard payment to  the Parish Priest is made together with living expenses. Any surplus from this collection is forwarded to a Central Fund which helps support poorer Parishes. The Central Fund also attends to the needs of retired or sick priests, priests undertaking studies overseas and migrant chaplains.

Second Collection—Parish Revenue: This collection consists of planned giving envelopes or loose money. It is used for:

  • Parish running costs, including administration and liturgical costs together maintenance and upkeep for the church, presbytery and parish property.
  • Priest’s car expenses.

Low Gluten Hosts
There are Low Gluten hosts available for Holy Communion. Please see Fr Sam before each Mass.

Mobile Phones
Don’t forget to turn off your mobile phone before coming into Mass.

Altar Servers
This is an important ministry in our liturgical celebrations and is open to children and adults. If you have been an altar server and would like to assist again or if you would like to begin to assist at the altar, please see Fr Sam.